For babies up to 14 days old.
Up to a three hour session.
A viewing of edited images.



For babies 5 weeks to 5 months.
Up to a three hour session (age dependant),
Full use of props and blankets,
a viewing of edited images.

Watch Me Grow


Includes 3 sessions for your child, Newborn, Sitter & 1st Birthday
and an ultra slim panoramic wall presention with
an image from each session.
(£315 if sold separately)

Upgrades for watch me grow

Upgrade 1st Birthday session to a Deluxe Cake Smash - £40 (rrp£90)
Upgrade to a Large Ultra Slim Panoramic - £40 (rrp£180)
8x8 Photographic Album - £190 (rrp£200)